Mila Rozenfeld's Doll Museum

Mila was born in Russia. She graduated from the Technological Institute with a degree in fashion modeling and design, and from the Pedagogical Institute with a degree in history. In 1991 Mila emigrated to Israel.

In 1994 she founded a museum in memory of the victims of a terrorist attack on October 19, 1994 at the Dizengoff Center in Tel-Aviv. Her own daughter Alla was among the victims.

The exhibition consists of three parts:

· Jewish Costume

· European Costume

· Folklore

The dolls are made of high-quality porcelain and are all hand-made unique pieces. They are in exact proportion to the human body (1:4) and all body parts are movable.

All the costumes are historically based and are handmade, including embroidery, trimming and decoration.

At the present time Mila is working on a series of historical personalities.

Besides doll-making, Mila also makes unique articles from ceramics, which can be purchased in the museum.

Practical Information

Address: Kikar Sadeh, Eshtam Building, Old City, Safed

Phone: 04-6972041, 054-4869902

Opening Hours: Open daily from 10.00 to 18.00

The Doll Musuem--Rozenfeld Museum