The Bus Station

If you don't have a car you can still travel all over Israel - by bus and train.

The Safed bus station, which is due for a makeover, is located at the entrance to Safed, at the junction between Yom Ha'atmaut Road , Jabotinsky Street and Jerusalem St.

There are three bus companies that operate out of the bus station.

The Egged co-operative runs the long distance buses; Nateev Express runs the local buses around Safed as well as buses to Kiryat Shemona and Nahariya; and Connex goes to Tiberius.

To make it easy for you to get your bus the six platforms signs are written in Hebrew on one side and English on the other.

Nateev Express - The local buses.

It can be fun to jump on a local bus and stay on it for the whole route out and back to the bus station, so you can get to know the neighborhoods.

At platform 6 there are local buses every half an hour

#3 to Ivakar

#4 to Ramat Razeen

Less frequent- 3 buses a day or less

#43 to Baraam Avivim

#45 to Dalton, Alma

#13 to Ivakor

#10 and #11

Platform 5

#6 & #7 go to the Hospital (approx every half an hour)

#511 goes to Rosh Pina & Kiryat Shmone (approx hourly on the half hour).  The last bus leaves at 20.35pm.

#367 goes to Maalot and Nahariya (5 daily).  The last bus leaves at 17.15pm.


Long Distance Travel

Platform 4

#982: Jerusalem - 7 buses a day approx every 2 hrs on the even hour, return to Safed arriving on the odd hour.  The first bus is at 8.00am and the last bus is at 22.00pm.

#501: Kiryat Shmone - 3 night buses leaving at  21.31pm; 22.31pm; 23.16pm

Platform 2

#846: Tel Aviv departing at 05.20; 08.15

#980: Bnei Brak - 6 buses a day between 7 am and 19.00pm on the odd hour

Platform 1

#361 Haifa - bus leave approx every half an hour at 15 mins past the hour and 20 mins to the hour.  The last bus is at 19.50 and last bus arriving in Safed is 19.30pm

#361 Acre - last bus to leave Safed is at 19.50; the last bus arriving in Safed is at 20.00pm

#501 Acre and Haifa - 2 buses at night only at 20.10pm & 21.10pm

Connex -Platform 3

Take a trip to the Kinneret.

#450:Tiberius. Buses depart every hour, approx on the half hour, and the  last bus both arriving and departing is at 19.15pm


Timetable information:

Nateev Express has a booth where you can get timetables. 

Egged has an office, but it is rarely open, however they do have a free phone by the side of the office you can pick up to get information or you can check their website at There is no Connex office at present. There is also timetable information at the bus stands.

All the bus companies have up to date timetable information on their websites.


There is a kiosk/café where you can get snacks, hot and cold drinks, ices etc.


Towards the back of the bus station you will find the public bathrooms up some stairs. Like most public bathrooms at bus stations they won't win any awards, especially as they are not accessible to people who have walking difficulties, and they cost 1shk.

There is a public telephone where you can use with a phone card.

Bus Transfers

If you are planning to travel within your city of arrival, e.g. Carmiel, Acre, Haifa, Tiberius etc, it's worth asking the driver if you are eligible for a bus transfer ticket.

NB To connect to the train to get to the center of the country or to go to the south, take a bus to Nahariya, Acre or Haifa and catch the train from any of these cities. The most convenient stop is Acre as the bus stop is located just across the road from the train station.

Taxis are available just outside the bus station on the main road.

The Bus Station