Yonit's House

Yonit grew up in the Artists Quarter of Tzfat, next to her mother's famous hostel, Shoshana's. She inherited her mother's pleasure of hosting visitors, talking to them, hearing about their adventures and making sure that they were comfortable while they were in Tzfat.

Yonit and her family have also become involved in hosting guests in Tzfat, though now, instead of a hostel as her mother still runs, Yonit offers large rental apartments for families who want to come to Tzfat and enjoy the Tzfat atmosphere.

Rehov HaPalmach Apartment

Yonit offers two options. The first is a beautiful unique 3-bedroom apartment which is situated in the heart of Tzfat, on Palmach Street. It is located directly across from the famous Shem V'Ever synagogue, the synagogue that was built on the spot where Noah's son and grandson, as well as Jacob, are believed to have studied. The area has always been holy to people of different religions, and today, Yonit's guest apartment is available to those who would like to spend time in this historical region.

The rental flat has three bedrooms and a total of 8 beds, making it a comfortable accommodation for families visiting Tzfat. There is a fully-equipped kitchen, so guests can prepare their own meals, and a beautiful salon offers a spacious area for resting and relaxing.

Palmach Street is located above Tzfat's main street, Jerusalem Street, so all shops, stores, groceries and restaurants are in easy walking distance. Parking is available on the street next to the apartment.

Cana'an Apartment

Yonit's second apartment is nearby, a 5-minute walk from the Central Bus Station and a 10-minute walk from the Old City, in the historic Cana'an neighborhood of Tzfat. This apartment is a bit smaller, with 2 bedrooms that can comfortably sleep 6 people. This apartment also has all of the amenities needed for a pleasant Tzfat stay, including a fully-equipped kitchen, furnished living room, and spectacular view of Tzfat and the surrounding mountain range.

Yonit may be contacted at 972-52-5833-817   or 972-52-5833-820

Yonit's Guest Apartments In Tzfat