Safed Sushi

Safed cuisine was once limited to the basics but today there's a sushi bar in Tzfat where sushi aficionados can enjoy their favourite treat.

Sushi Bar

The Sushi bar is located at 27 Jerusalem Street. The chef spent many years learning the art of sushi-making and today he offers his expertise to Tzfat residents who can enjoy numerous types of sushi as well as other Asian food.

The restaurant specializes in sushi as well as different types of stir fry and Thailandi food. The restaurant serves meat and has a mehadrin hechsher.


The sushi bar is open from 12:00 noon - 10:30p.m. daily, Sundays through Thursdays. It is open sporadically on Fridays. There are places to sit in the restaurant and it's also possible to order take-out.


The sushi bar can be contacted at (04)6973-322