Artists Colony Inn

No one will ever accuse Jeff and Benay Katz of getting stuck in a rut. Throughout their years in Israel, Jeff and Benay have explored many different aspects of the country, including owning a "Clean Room" in the country's Center (a room maintained with a low level of environmental pollutants for manufacture of computer parts or for use in scientific research), tour guiding (Jeff), teaching English (Benay), and writing a well-received book about how Israelis live with their unique security issues, "Waiting for Peace: How Israelis Live with Terrorism". (Benay)

The Katzes lived for many years in Timrat, a small community near Afula. When the youngest of their five children left the house, they began to think about a long-held dream, opening a boutique bed and breakfast. The rules of the Timrat community didn't allow such an enterprise, so they thought of other options, and with Jeff's contacts and knowledge of the country through his guiding work, they began to think seriously about opening their inn in Tzfat.

Something Different

They had some ideas, both of what they wanted and what they didn't. They didn't want to do the same thing that so many others were doing, offering family-style guest facilities or a hotel-like atmosphere. They planned to offer beautiful accommodations, exquisitely decorated and furnished, together with an atmosphere which would allow the guests to mix and socialize with each other as well as the Katzes.

The four guest rooms of the Artists Colony Inn are built to surround a common area, giving guests the option of the privacy of their own quarters or the opportunity to socialize in the inn's sitting room. Benay is in charge of the kosher gourmet breakfasts which are served, and both Jeff and Benay enjoy the opportunity to socialize with their guests, getting to know them and allowing the guests to get to know Tzfat in a more personal way.

A Chance to Step, Mix and Mingle

The inn was planned to accommodate religious and non-religious Israelis alike, with an open atmosphere which allows the observant guests to easily maintain Shabbat and holiday celebrations in a traditional manner, while non-religious guests can enjoy their Shabbats in their own fashion. While many hotels have such a set-up, the unique aspect of the Artists Colony Inn is that these guests who otherwise might not have much of a chance to mingle and observe their customs side-by-side will be doing so at the Inn, all the while getting to know each other.

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