Beit Kramer Old City Tzimmer

Beit Kramer is a sweet and beautiful guesthouse in the Old City of Tsfat, only seconds away from restaurants, shopping, ancientsynagoguesand art galleries. You will be amazed at the convenience of this location and the privacy it comes along with.

The Outside

Go to 29 Jerusalem St. (the midrahov) and you will find Beit Kramer: a 2-room apartment with central heating/air conditioning, surrounded by the breathtaking artwork of Tsfat's very own artists. Adjacent to the tsimmer is an enormous 200 sq. meter courtyard + gorgeous garden area with shaded patio furniture, and you're very own "park" includes swings, jungle gym, slide, little house and an array of outdoor toys.

The Inside

Walk under the grapevine, pass the jasmine bush and continue through the wooden stain glass door and you will find a deluxe bedroom with two dark wooden bed frames and top quality mattresses. There is also a non-transparent window for light and air (an essential quality when researching tsfat rentals!). The second room is a salon-type room with plenty of natural air and light, has a fabric partitioning, a retractable table set + 9 chairs, a couch and pull-out bed and an extra fold-up bed if needed. There is also a kitchenette to the left of this spacious room, fully equipped with all your Shabbat and/or weekday needs (refrigerator, counter space/cooking area, hot plate, etc...), making your visit comfortable and enjoyable. The bathroom was built in very good taste, with a large shower and a robust shower head, plus a window to the outdoors.

Beit Kramer takes pride in keeping its accommodations immaculately clean, and ensuring the upkeep of new bedsheets and towels.


Beit Kramer is best suited for couples or small families wishing torelax during a magical vacationin the Holy City of Safed.

Call or e-mail Avraham or Talie Kramer 04-682-7665 or (cell phone) 050-322-0433 or[email protected]

Referrals given upon demand. We guarantee customer satisfaction.