Dor Deah

Generation of Knowledge

The Children of Israel who left Egypt with Moses are known as the Dor Deah, the Generation of Knowledge. This generation, which witnessed the miracles of the Ten Plagues, the Exodus from slavery to freedom, and the Giving of the Ten Commandments at Mt. Sinai, were given this name by Rashi, a great 11th century Jewish commentator who wrote that the generation of Dor Deah was on such a high spiritual plane that no other generation would reach that level until the generation of the Mashiach, the Messiah, when redemption would occur.

The band members of Dor Deah feel that they are privileged to live in a generation which, while perhaps not on the level of the Dor Deah of the Bible, is close. Alon Rom, acoustic guitarist for Dor Deah (in addition to playing the electric guitars, oud, and percussion), explains that today, Jews are exploring and questioning their heritage and roots as never before, and his band wanted to pay tribute to this revival. Together with his fellow band members, Alon Melamed: who plays the electric guitar and flute (!), Naftul on the drums, Yermiyahu on the keyboards and saxophone, Chanan on the trumpet and Yishai Yifati on percussion, they decided to name their Tzfat-based band Dor Deah.

Dor Deah plays an unusual variety of music, ranging from Rock and reggae to alternative, Chassidic and even Arabic music. Each player brings his own special flavor to the band, as they fuse together sounds from all over the world. Their unusual blend of instruments allows them to blend sounds to create an amazing expression of joy, dance, and celebration.

Like any other band, Dor Deah plays the "simcha" (life-cycle celebration) circuit. They also play in bars and clubs, at colleges campuses and out on the street corners. They enjoy playing anywhere and everywhere that people get together and to celebrate and express joy.

Music of the Cosmos

When asked how the group got together to form their band, Alon explains: "You could say that the cosmos mystically brought us all together. Each one was a musician in his own place, but was looking for an outlet that fused the ancient spiritual musical tradition with modern grooves and vibe." The group is based in Tzfat, a city that seems to thrive on mystical cosmos, so the match seems perfect. "Tzfat has always had a history of spirituality and mysticism" Alon adds. "It was only natural that our band would develop here... we're all full time musicians. We've been blessed with being able to use our gifts on a full time basis."

Dor Deah travels throughout Israel, towards their goal of bringing joy and light to the world."To have everyone join together in celebrating life, creation, humanity" Alon summarizes. "We hope to use music as a means to elevate the world to the highest levels of happiness."

Dor Deah's music can be heard at They can be also be contacted through Alon at 050-303-3569.