National And Local Government Offices

Here is a list of the main national and local government offices to be found in Safed.

Rehov Weizman #6: In the building next to Supersol Big you will find the following departments:

Finance Ministry

For tax assessments and adjustments, income taxes, property taxes and all financial matters.

Hours: Sunday - Thursday: 8.30 -13.00; Monday & Wednesday: 14.00-18.00

Tel:04 692 9777

For VAT (maam) registration, queries and filing you need to go to Tiberius

Hours: Sunday -Thursday 08.00- 13.30    Address: 23 El Hadif Street, Tiberius


Interior Ministry

For registration of births and marriages, identity cards, passports, immigration, visa enquiries, etc.

Hours: Sunday - Thursday 08.00 - 12.00; Monday & Wednesday 14.30 - 17.30

Visas & Immigration: Sunday & Thursdays 08.00 - 10.30

Tel: *3450


Social Affairs Ministry

Adult and Juvenile Probation Services

Hours: Sunday - Thursday 08.00- 16.00


Rabbinical Courts

For marriage, divorce, conversions and religious matters requiring a Beth Din

Hours: Sunday - Thursday 08.30 - 13.30

Tel: 050 622 9124

There is no civil marriage or divorce in Israel.

If you are Jewish you need to apply to the rabbinical court for permission and to prove your status and eligibility for marriage.

If you are of another faith you can have a religious marriage performed by your priest or cleric.

If you wish to have a civil marriage you will need to marry abroad. Such marriages are normally legally recognized and can be registered through the Ministry of the Interior.


Health Ministry

For death certificates, licenses for relevant businesses, inoculations, and other health matters.

Reporting rabid animals and for vaccinations against rabies.

Rabies is a fatal disease with no cure and is endemic in Safed and Northern Israel. Children should be strongly discouraged from playing with or touching stray animals as even a scratch from a rabid animal can prove fatal.

Household pets need to be inoculated against rabies.

If you are bitten or scratched by a stray animal, it is important that you contact your doctor and the Health Ministry as soon as possible for information and possible treatment.

Henrietta Szold Street, opposite the Jewish Agency Offices.

Hours: Sunday - Thursday 08.00 - 13.30

Tel: 04 699 4222


Betuach Leumi (National Insurance Institute)

For all national insurance matters including contributions, unemployment benefits, disability, income support, maternity allowances, pensions, and new immigrant rights.

100 HaPalmach Street, diagonally opposite the Yigal Allon Center, next door to the main Post Office.

Hours: Sundays, Tuesdays & Thursdays 08.00 - 12.30; Mondays & Wednesdays 15.00 - 17.00

Tel: *6050


Employment Office

Yud Alef Street, off Keren Har Yesod

Tel: 04 690 9111, or 1 599 599237 fax 04 692 3511


Civil Guard

Ordinary people who volunteer to assist the Police and Security Services in their duties.

Aliyah Bet Street

Tel: *9101 or 04 697 3200


Police Station

This is where to go for all your police needs, including payments of fines.

Ha Galil Street, Har Canaan

Tel: 04 697 8444. Emergency number: 100

The Law Courts are next door.


The Municipality

For the Mayor, members of the city council, city social workers, and other municipal offices.

Hours vary depending on the department.

43 Jerusalem Street

Information and Emergency no: 106

City Taxes and Water rates

For payments of city taxes (arnona), queries regarding discounts etc, and payment of water bills.

1st floor, Mercaz Tzil, Aliyah Bet Street

Hours: Sunday, & Tuesdays 08.30 - 12.30 & 16.00 - 18.00

Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays 08.30 -1300

Tel: 04 692 3626/7 or 04 692 3773

N.B. Phone offices to first to check that they are open. Don't forget to bring all your relevant documentation, especially your teudat zehut (ID card) and a book to read in case you have to wait.

For further information about any of the Ministries detailed above please see the relevant government department's English language website.