Haychal Levi Yitzhak Synagogue

Located up in Kiryat Chabad in Canaan this Chabad shul runs a shtibel minyan (minyan factory) every day. It is at least 20mins walk uphill from Old City, but it is worth the climb for the great view of Tiberius and the Kinneret.

The Shtibel Minyan


With a first minyan starting at 6.15am and going on more or less continually until noon, the Haychal Levi Yitzhak Synagogue is the place to catch a minyan almost any time.


The first minyan is at 1.30pm, and then from around 30 minutes before sunset there are different minyans continually until about 15 minutes after sunset.


Maariv starts from about 30mins after sunset for as long as there are men wanting one.

Late Maariv

There is a late Maariv available at 8pm, 9pm and 10pm in winter and 9pm and 10pm in summer.


Friday afternoon Mincha

Mincha starts at 1.30pm and onwards depending on demand, and then there are a number of minyans starting from 15mins before candle lighting until about after 15mins after sunset.

Kabbalat Shabbat

Kabbalat Shabbat does not begin earlier than 1/2hr after sunset, however there is a young people's minyan which starts earlier around 15mins after sunset. This is aimed at teenagers, children and for those who want to get home early. This is important as Chabad have a minhag not to make Kiddush during the 7th 'time hour'.


Because of this minhag many people wait to pray at the 2nd minyan which is 1hr after the main minyan in winter and is 15mins afterwards in summer.

Shabbat day


First minyan: 8 am Second minyan: 10.00 am
Shabbat of the Blessing of New Moon: 10.30am


There is fabrengang Shabbat Kiddush after both morning services. This Kiddush can sometimes be a big meal with fish and cholent & challah. The 10.00am minyan usually finishes between 12 and 12.30pm or later in summer.

Mincha: winter circa 1.30pm

There is also Mincha 1/2hr before sunset onwards until after sunset.


After Shabbat followed by Havdalah with a video of the late Lubavitcher Rebbe after services.

Beit Midrash

This large Beit Midrash with its substantial library is open most of the time both for self study and for talks and classes, especially in the evenings. There are classes in Chabad Chassidut, Halacha, and other topics with a variety of Rabbis giving talks including Rav Landau, the son of the Bnei Brak Rav.

Daf Yomi: Daily 8pm -9pm

This is good for revue but it is not necessarily up to date with the international Daf Yomi pages.

Father And Son Classes: 6.30pm on Saturday nights all the year round.

Ladies Classes: Available throughout the week at a variety locations in the neighborhood.

The Sanctuary

This large synagogue has a high domed cupola ceiling about 20 meters high and has room for at least 300 men and about 100 women in the upstairs ladies gallery. It is pleasantly cooled in summer by fans, but there is no air conditioning at present and it is heated in winter.


Pessach: There is no fabrengang or Kiddush during Pessach
Sukkot: Shabbat Kiddush is held during Chol Moed in the large sukkah outside.
Simchat Shueiva: live music every night often lasting the whole night.
Simchat Torah: There is a big Kiddush and Hakafot dancing with Sefer Torah all night
Shavuot: Learning all night

Contact: Gabbai - Rabbi Gruzzman 04 699 9751 or Aron Shifman 04 697 4431

Rabbi: Mordechai Bitstrisky (who is also the Kashrut Rabbi for the city) 04 692 0398