In The Quiet Space

As our lives become more and more hectic and we all seem to need to be contactable 24/7, it is becoming much harder to connect with our inner selves as our stress levels increase. ITQS is a spiritual-behavioural approach which believes in the need to reach inner quiet in order to cope better with our modern society. The approach is based on creating a profound experiential sense of trust, care and quiet. MicroCalming, a conditioned relaxation technique developed by ITQS, is taught in a very special environment created by the In The Quiet Space team. It enables everyone to calm, reach their own quiet inner space and then to use this personal inner resource whenever and wherever they are.

The Facilitators

Pamela Mond (MA), Drama therapist, and her husband Peter, Social Worker (M.A.), are part of the founding team behind the ITQS approach. Originally developed eight years ago as a way to help students in the Israeli education system deal with stress, this approach and technique are now available to everyone.

Inner Quiet

Consistent with Jewish spiritual traditions, MicroCalming helps individuals to connect on a spiritual level to their own "inner quiet" so they can deal with the stresses and strains of today's world. However, there is no need to have any religious belief to benefit. In the past, people always had time to stop to admire the view, look at the flowers or appreciate the silence; nowadays this can, unfortunately, be virtually impossible. By learning this special technique in a unique environment over a relatively short period of time, you can be in position to hear your own inner voice, your intuition, and be able to bring a more spiritual, sacred approach into your life.

The Space

As you enter the Quiet Space room you feel an immediate sense of calm. It is as if the room itself is giving you a massage. And yet on the surface it seems a quite ordinary room, with comfy armchairs, low lighting, some soft music playing in the background and a light scent in the air. Something you could easily recreate at home, if you just knew how.

How Long Does It Take?

Individual sessions are normally for an hour once a week for four weeks, and individuals and/or their families need to set up a "quiet space" in their own home, when they can practice the technique for five minutes every day between sessions.

Workshop Sessions

Group workshops for up to ten are available for workplace, school or community groups and are for eight weekly hourly sessions, with 5 minutes a day of "homework" practice.

Who Is It For?

Everyone can learn it, and even children as young as two or retirees over 80 have benefited. It assists with normal anxieties like visiting the dentist, to helping alleviate the trauma from a terrorist attack. School children employ the MicroCalming technique to avoid getting into squabbles with their friends or siblings, and parents use it to help them deal with the stresses and strains of normal family life.

Other Classes

For visitors to Safed there is an opportunity to book an introductory session to get a taste of the technique and then continue over the internet once you get home. Wholly Internet sessions are available, and the Monds also do workshops in other parts of Israel and abroad. Special classes are offered to people with special needs, including children suffering from autism or ADHD, as well as individuals suffering with physical pain or emotional loss.

For Further Information

Contact: Pamela Mond tel 077 708 1306 cell 054-5899694 or email: [email protected]