Season Kickoff: Events at the Khan of the White Donkey

The Khan of the White Donkey is opening the 2010 summer season in May with a series of musical, cultural and spiritual happenings. Thursday evenings we will host outstanding world music artists, including the best virtuoso performers in the country.

Tuesday evenings they will be offering a variety of cultural events: quality films, lectures, and meetings with unique personalities.

Wednesday evenings will be dedicated to women’s gatherings, including musical performances, Rosh Chodesh parties, evenings of song and dance, and more.

Thursdays during the day the Khan is open for a weekly Community Holistic Health Clinic, with low cost acupuncture (with Marc Ben Shabbat) and other holistic treatments. Organic refreshment bar.

The first Friday of each month they will be running a community market at the Ma’ayan HaRadum (details in separate flyer). The following Saturday night we are hosting a singing circle with Efrat Cohen.

Other Events

In addition to these performances, the Khan of the White Donkey offers classes, workshops, and a variety of courses in ecology, holistic health, music, and Judaism. They welcome residents of Tzfat and the Galilee who love and appreciate high quality music and cultural events, and are looking for a place to meet in the evenings, enjoy themselves, and enrich their spirits in an ecologically conscious manner. The Khan of the White Donkey also hosts private events, celebrations, conferences, and workshops for up to 100 people.

Check their web site, for updates.

They also publish a monthly newsletter with information on all their programs.

Upcoming Events

May 27 Ro’i Levy (of Shotei HaNevuah) in a unique Jewish spiritual hip-hop performance.

June 3 Amir Perlman, Idan Toledano and Yochai Cohen, three virtuosos in a breath-taking fusion flamenco performance.

June 4 Shuk HaShishi (“Friday Market”) — you bring the Ma’ayan HaRadum to life.

June 5 Sacred Song Circle and Malave Malka with Efrat Cohen and Lior — participatory sing-along for the heart and soul. June 10 Itamar Erez (guitarist with the maestro Omar Farouk) and Shlomo Deshet, among the best world music performers on the international scene.

June 24 Kobi Avni and friends — Jewish world music from great local Tzfat musician and instrument maker, recorded with Shlomo Bar.

July 22 Amir Perelman & Avshalom Farjun (founder of Bustan Avraham) in a special duet performance of Mediterranean world music.

July 28 10-day Permaculture course with Talia Schneider (call for details)

Contact Information

The Khan of the White Donkey Tet-Zayin 5, Artists Quarter, Tzfat 077-2345719 | 052-677-5751 [email protected]