Klezmer Festival 2017


It's that time of year again! This normally sleepy mountain town is about to become the place to hear the world's best Klezmer music. For Klezmer 2017, the festival will be held from August 22 through August 24.

Five Stages, Dozens of Musicians - all Free!

This year, Safed celebrates its 30th annual festival and will host dozens of world-reknowned performers on five outdoor stages. And it is all free!

In addition to music, the town transforms into a carnival with stalls selling local crafts, kids' toys, clothing, delicious fast food and impressive fireworks every evening at 10pm. Wandering though the cobbled alleys, you are also sure to discover many street musicians playing impromptu music. You may even hear drumming till dawn!

Check out the Klezmer schedule here.

International Master Classes

Starting on August 16 and running through August 22 are the International Master Classes. The classes are led by famous musicians who give local children an opportunity to learn with and perform with the best. The classes focus on classical music, ethnic Arab music and Klezmer. You can drop in to watch and at night, enjoy a free concert and jam session.

Free Safed Tours

The town also hosts free walking tours where you can learn the history of the town, explore archaeological sites and visit local artists.

There is no better time to visit Tsfat. Just be aware that the police close the roads into Tzfat at 5pm on Klezmer days so get there early. Otherwise, you can take a bus in from two designated Klezmer festival parking lots.

Here's a sneak preview from a previous concert.