Great Fun at the Manara Cliffs

If you're visiting Safed and its surrounding area, one great place to go to is the Manara Cliff. This is an area located on route number 90, between Rosh-Pina and Kiryah Shemona. Since 1998, it has welcomed tourists to enjoy adventures, extreme sports, sight seeing and more. Since its opening, Manara Cliff has had over one million visitors from Israel and from around the world!

Cable Car Fun

First of all, the Manara Cliffs boast a Cable Car ride that offers an amazing experience. It runs from the southern foothills of Kiryat Shemona to the top of Natfali range at Kibbutz Manara. It goes a total of 1940 meters and is the longest cable car in Israel. It reaches an altitude of 750 meters. These cable cars can move 350 people an hour, carrying 8 people in each of 12 cars. This is a great way to enjoy a breathtaking view, to kick up your feet for a little while and to appreciate the Israeli landscape.

The Mountain Slides

In addition, there are great mountain slides at Manara that offer fun for the whole family. These slides have 1200 meters of panoramic track, making it the longest run of its kind in Israel. You actually start at the bottom of the hill on these carts and your cart climbs 250 meters while attached to a cable. Then, you are disconnected and it's time for some fun! You are then in control of the cart, and you can control the speed and the steering. Each slide carries two passengers and can reach up to 40 km/hour!

Extreme Fun

While at Manara, there are all sorts of other activities to enjoy. They offer a climbing wall that rises to 16.5 meters with two parallel routes. Anyone from age five is allowed to enjoy this activity. There is also rappelling and a zip line available. The zip line boasts that it is the longest in Israel. The instructor will hook you up to a 200 meter long cable and you jump off the platform and fly 200 meters to the ground! A jeep will then return you to the starting point. Each slider needs to way at least 30 kg and it is possible to enjoy this activity as a pair.

Other Activities

Manara Cliffs is a breathtaking place to enjoy Israel at its finest. You can enjoy views of the Galilee, the Golan Heights, the Hermon Mountains and the Hula Valley here and go on a guided tour in the Mediterranean groves. You can dine at the Manara Cliffs restaurant and stay nearby for a lovely extended vacation. This is one fantastic location in Israel that offers fun for the whole family!