Mendi's is the place to go if you are looking for a meat restaurant offering traditional Jewish food in a hamishe atmosphere. With its B'datz (Eidat Charedi) hechsher, Mendi's is very popular with the "frum" yeshiva crowd and gets very crowded during bein hazemainim (yeshiva vacation time).

Located at 29 Jerusalem Street, after the Midrahov, almost opposite Yoram's greengrocers, Mendi's is a welcome recent addition to Safed's choice of restaurants. Mendi's also does take out, especially for Shabbat, as well as catering for small and large groups. The restaurant provides seating for 20, is simple and clean, and the friendly staff speak Hebrew and Yiddish as well as some English.

The Menu: Meat

As you enter the restaurant there is a chill cabinet, deli-style, offering everything from chopped liver to schnitzel and beef. Mendi's also has some more unusual items so why not choose the schnitzel stuffed with vegetables or the very popular stuffed beef and eggplant for a change. There is also roast chicken or even chicken on the grill if you are watching your calories.

All meals come with a choice of two side dishes: rice, potatoes, salads, or vegetables and range from 35shks for chicken to 45shks for beef and liver. If you prefer something a bit lighter try the delicious salmon. Just ask for bread (2shks) if you want to make "hamotzi" and the staff will be happy to oblige.

Shabbat Take Out

Where Mendi's really comes into its own is in its Shabbat take out service. If you are coming from out of town for the weekend why not order your Shabbat meals in advance and just stop by to pick them up when you arrive. With a full Shabbat menu choice of fish, chicken soup, chopped liver, cholent, kugels, chicken or meat, as well as side dishes, you are sure to have plenty to please everyone. On a Friday morning they are open from 9.30am till 3 hours before Shabbat and will even deliver as far as Meron for a group order. If you just want to pick up an extra kugel or chopped liver (25shks) to offer your guests, don't leave it until the last minute in case they run out.


Mendi's offers a full catering service from a small Kiddush for a Brit Mila to meals for a Sheva Brachot. They will also be very happy to cater your large Safed wedding given a couple of weeks notice.


Up a couple of steps at the back of the restaurant are two very clean restrooms in keeping with the whole, well-maintained restaurant.

Opening Hours

Sunday - Thursday 12 noon - 10pm (or even later during bein hazemainim)

Fridays: 9.30am - 3 hours before Shabbat candle lighting.

Tel 04 692 3067 or 052 760 9099 to order take out or to discuss Mendi's catering service. Delivery service available.

Kosher Certification: Mehadrin Safed & Eidat Charedi B'datz.