Sarit Rubin

Rosh Pinna and Tzfat

Rosh Pinna is a small town nestled into the mountainside only a 15-minute drive down the hill from Tzfat. A walking trail also links the two towns, and a brisk walker can start the trail in Tzfat and reach Rosh Pinna in about an hour.

Yet the two towns are polar opposites in history, character and population, and most people who are attracted to Tzfat are not drawn to Rosh Pinna, and vice versa. Tzfat is ancient, mystical, non-materialistic and religious, while Rosh Pinna, established by Zionist pioneers as an agricultural community in the 1880s, is hippish and yuppish, secular and "cool".

Yet both communities tend to attract people who are looking for an "alternative" life-style, away from the rat race of Israel's center, and the residents of both Tzfat and Rosh Pinna feel affection and connection to their brethren on the other side of the windy, twisty road that links the two towns.

Both towns have a strong artist population and an extensive array of galleries. While Tzfat's galleries lean towards Judaica, mysticism and religious themes, in Rosh Pinna's galleries one can find more general and eclectic art. Sarit Rubin is one artist who is able to live and exhibit in Rosh Pinna's artist community while finding a niche in Tzfat's art world as well.

Paintings of the Galilee

Sarit is originally from Tel Aviv, but decided to move to Rosh Pinna in 1978, where she has successfully built and developed her art, which concentrates on the landscapes of Israel's Galilee. Sarit emphasizes colors and staining in her paintings, alternating between oils, acrylics and water colors. Sarit emphasizes light and depth in her works, which are inspired by the nature and landscapes surrounding her Rosh Pinna studio.

"Vivid" is a word which most accurately describes Sarit's use of colors as she paints the mountains, hilltops, flowers and plant life of Northern Israel. The colors seem to jump out as one views her paintings, giving the impression that the flower is ready to be sniffed, or the sun will continue to rise as one gazes at her works.

In only one series of paintings has Sarit deviated from her usual landscapes - she has painted a series of paintings which explore women. Sarit's women are mostly nudes, though some are clothed....all, however, are seen relaxing among the fields and forests which, one imagines, are Sarit's beloved Galilee.

Sarit can be contacted at 052-2256006 or. [email protected].  Her Tzfat gallery is located on Yosef Caro Street and her Rosh Pinna gallery is located in Rosh Pinna's restored Old Town.