Shem V Ever Synagogue

Located at 16 Palmach just by the cave of Shem v Ever, the Shem V Ever Synagogue is very popular with local shopkeepers as it is very convenient to reach during prayer time, especially for people who like to pray a sunrise Shacharit or a lunchtime Mincha. You can either reach the shul from Palmach Street or go up the stairs past the large electric transformer from Jerusalem Street, next door to the Snitzel-ria restaurant.

The congregation was started around 200 yrs ago; the present building was founded in 1948 and built with the traditional domed roof of Sephardi synagogues. As well as the synagogue's association with the cave of Shem v Ever there also is an ancient spring at this location. About 30-40 years ago the congregation decided to take advantage of the spring and built a mikvah. The small women's section is relatively new.

Beit Midrash

If you like to get up early and study Torah before dovening this is the place to come. The shul is opened from 2am for learning and men come trickling in to study until around 4am. Prayers start at sunrise. There is also a Daf Yomi class every day except Shabbat between Mincha and Maariv or after Maariv. The congregation is made up of regular working people who certainly take their learning of Torah very seriously.


The mikvah, for men only, is open every day from 4am to 8am during the week, all day on Fridays until 1 hour before Shabbat and on Shabbat until 10.00am. Don't forget to bring your own towel!

The Synagogue

The synagogue can hold around 60 men and about 30 women in the upstairs ladies gallery. It is a very warm and friendly congregation and welcoming to everyone. Prayers follow the regular Sefardi Nusach prayer book, otherwise known as the Mizrahi style. There is a chazzan on Shabbat to lead the congregation and the singing is very beautiful and can often be heard from Jerusalem Street, which the synagogue overlooks. There are two minyans for Mincha daily as well as two minyans on Shabbat for Shacharit. On Fridays there is no lunchtime minyan for Mincha as everyone is shutting up shop and getting ready for Shabbat.

Prayer Times


Shacharit:    sunrise

Mincha:  1st 2.00pm       2nd  20 min before sunset

Maariv: 20 mins after sunset


Mincha: candle lighting time followed by Kabbalat Shabbat and Maariv.


Shacharit: 1st minyan    sunrise
A Kiddush is served after this minyan

                  2nd minyan   7.30am

Mincha:      5pm

Winter       around 3pm

Maariv: immediately after Shabbat

Contact: 050 673 3154 not on Shabbat or Festivals