Yeshivat Shem V'Ever –B'nai Noach

Rabbis David Katz and Chaim Clorfene have established a yeshivah for B'nai Noach in Tzfat. This is the only yeshivah anywhere in the world where individuals who identify as followers of the Noahide Laws are able to study Torah under the direction of ordained Orthodox rabbis. The yeshivah also offers a conversion track for those that are interested, which will prepare the individual giur (conversion).

Bnai Noach

According to Jewish tradition, God gave seven mitzvoth – commandments – to non-Jews. B'nai Noach, also known as Noachides, are non-Jews who accept the truth of Torah and faithfully observe the Seven Laws of Noah. According to Rashi (Maimonides), any human being who faithfully observes these laws will earn a place in heaven. The seven Noahide laws include: 

*1. Acknowledge that there is only one G-d

*2. Don't curse God or take God's name in vain.

*3. Don't commit murder

*4. Don't commit adultery

*5. Don't steal

*6. Don't eat the flesh of a living animal

*7. Establish courts of law

Bnai Noach Yeshiva of Shem V'Ever

The Bnai Noach Yeshiva of Shem and Ever is located right next to the historical Shem and Ever synagogue. It was, on this site, that the son and grandson of Noach studied Torah after the flood. According to legend, Jacob also studied in this cave and at this site he received the message that his beloved son Yosef had been killed (the young man had, in fact, been kidnapped and was later found to be living in Egypt).

Rabbi Katz, founder of SoulMazal, and Rabbi Clorfene, co-author of The Path of the Righteous Gentile, the seminal guide for Noahides, have founded Yeshivat Shem V'Ever. In addition to the Torah classes themselves, the yeshivah offers classes for people who are preparing to work with B'nai Noach and potential B'nai Noach.

The World of the Ger

In addition to the yeshivah, the book The World of the Ger, written by Rabbi Clorfene and Rabbi Katz, is available. In the book, Rabbis Katz and Clorfene present information which aids the Noahide on his unique journey. While Judaism recognizes and respects B'nai Noach, until now little has been done to facilitate the dissemination of information for people who are considering the Noahide path. The World of the Ger aims to provide support and guidance for Noahides worldwide.

Ultimately, the project aims to re-establish the status of the Biblical Ger Toshav, and prepare and educate for it's re-establishment.

To contact the Yeshivah, write to Rabbi David Katz at [email protected]