The Sofer House

Family Travel

Many large families will admit that they don't travel very often. There are a variety of reasons - the children don't travel well, it's expensive, it's hard to find accommodations that cater to large families and are comfortable for families with young children, parents worry about their children's' behavior in a hotel, etc.

In Israel, where large families are quite common, many tourist sites and hotels attempt to cater to them, both in price and in comfort.

In Tzfat, one option for accommodation for families who are looking for a nice vacation without the attendant worries is the Sofer Guest House. The Sofer Guest House is centrally located in the Artists Quarter, near the synagogues and religious sites of the Old City, near the galleries of the Artist Quarter, and near the shops and stores of Jerusalem Street,  Tzfat's commercial center.

Sofer House

The Sofer House is situated on Keren HaYesod Street, with parking directly next to the house. Four bedrooms offer privacy to guests, while a central dining room, living room and kitchen make it easy for a family to prepare and eat their meals together, sit together to relax and simply to feel at home.

Each bedroom at the Sofer House has 2 beds, and extra beds can be set up as well. The house is clean and airy. Its construction, in the old style of thick stone walls and a domed ceiling, make it easily cooled in the summertime and heated in the wintertime.

In addition to the large living space, the Sofer House also has a courtyard and garden, making relaxing outside easy and attractive. The house faces Wadi Amud, the valley surrounding Tzfat, and as one stands in the courtyard outside the house, one can gaze for hours at the surrounding mountains or watch the sun set over Mount Meron to the west.

The Sofer House is set up for families or groups who wish to come for Shabbat or holidays. The kitchen allows guests to prepare their own food, or bring in food which can be heated on the available hot plate. A large hot water urn provides hot water for hot drinks on Shabbat, and the Sofers, the hosts, will assist guests in setting up the Shabat clocks which are installed throughout the house.

Many families have found their vacations enhanced by the availability of the Sofer House, where their children could play freely and happily with plenty of space without the worry of the noise bothering other guests.

The Sofers can be contacted (in Hebrew) at (050)4114-134. For assistance with English bookings, the Sofer House can be contacted through [email protected]