Studying Music In Safed

There are several ways to learn music in Safed: individual lessons by private teachers, activities at local community centers and more formally in private music schools like the School of Music, which is part of Safed College.

Music Diploma

Located on the Midrahov in the College's Arts and Design building, up some side stairs next door to the Milano restaurant, the School of Music offers a 3 year diploma course in Jewish, Arabic and Middle Eastern Music.

Types Of Students

The school is made up of an eclectic mix of people and has teachers and students from all parts of the Jewish community, religious and secular, and from the local Arab communities as well.

This enables students to come into contact with a wide range of musical styles and traditions. Students are encouraged to develop their own style and share their musical background with the other students. The individual input of students is considered very important and their personal religious needs and sensibilities are taken into account. This means that, for example, religious women who are uncomfortable singing in front of men or men who prefer not to hear women singing for religious reasons are accommodated, and can still take the course. With only twelve students accepted each year into the program and only five members on the staff, the student/staff ration is very good and allows for everyone to get the individual attention they need to develop themselves musically.

Experiential Course

In only the second year of the program, the School offers a unique experiential approach to the learning of music. Students play a wide range of instruments from traditional Klezmer instruments such as the accordion and the violin, to Middle Eastern ones like the oud as well as the more conventional flute and guitar. The school emphasizes playing together in ensembles and this comprises 30-35% of the course content.

By playing together the students are able to grow together and they integrate their learning in a practical way by putting on concerts for themselves and their family and friends. They also put on public concerts twice a year in local venues. Students have individual instrument lessons as well as group classes and are also encouraged to improvise and to compose their own music if they wish. The course offers both practical and theory classes and runs two days per week.

Access Course

There is a free access course, held prior to the academic year, available for prospective students who have talent, but may not have all the requisite skills, e.g. ability to read music. This access course is intended to bring students up to the necessary level to benefit from the course.


This course gives the students a Musical Performance Diploma enabling the students to teach music privately, while giving them the skills they need to feel confident as performing musicians. The school hopes that the Diploma will eventually be upgraded to a full degree which would qualify successful students to teach in Israeli schools.

Fees & Admission

There are 12 students in each year, and admission is by audition.

Fees for the Diploma are 12,000 shks per year, with grants available.


For further information, enquiries about the access course and to enroll for the next academic year

contact: Pinto Sima (04) 692 7851 or email: [email protected]