Yigal Allon Cultural Center

The Yigal Allon Cultural Center's size and central location makes it an ideal venue for a variety of organizations and institutions from all over the Upper Galilee. With seating for 712 in the theater and room in the lobby for over 200, it is used for everything from plays and concerts to school graduations and official local government ceremonies.


The center was built with the support of the Labor Zionist Alliance of Greater New York and is a modern building situated opposite the Wolfson Community Center (the Saraya) in the center of Safed. There is plenty of parking in front of the building, and it is also very easy for members of coach parties to be dropped off and picked up.


Although the Yigal Allon doesn't have its own repertory theater company, a wide variety of productions come to Safed throughout the year including special plays and other events for children. The Center is also a host to well known Israeli theater companies that come to Safed as part of their national tours. Classical concerts held at the theater are also very popular and tickets are available with a subscription for the concert series as well as for individual concerts.

Program And Prices

A program of events is regularly published in advance and can be obtained from the Center. The Yigal Allon Center is in the process of setting up an online booking system which will make it much easier to obtain tickets to popular shows. There are posters advertising upcoming shows in front of the box office and throughout town.

As there is no cinema in Safed, movies are also shown at the Yigal Allon from time to time. Tickets for events and shows are available from the box office both in advance and on the night of the performance. Prices range from 20shks for individual lectures to up to 500 shks for a subscription to a whole theater season. A variety of discounts are available.

Hiring The Venue

The Yigal Allon Center is hired by organizations in the Galilee for private and public events. These include concerts, conferences, meetings, plays, school ceremonies etc. If you are interested in hiring all or part of the venue, prices start at 2,000 shks, with special prices and arrangements for Safed institutions. Both the theater and the lobby area can be hired separately for all or part of a day or for an evening. There is also a seminar room available in the bomb shelter in the basement.


The large size of the stage, 17meters by 13 meters, means that it can host almost any type of production. Access for stage trucks is very easy and stage hands can unload their equipment straight into the theater. The theater dressing rooms are housed downstairs in the bomb shelter and they are equipped with shower and toilet facilities. There is also a large room that can be used for a chorus or by the wardrobe department. This room is often used as a seminar room when the Yigal Allon hosts conferences.

Disabled Access

The theater is wheelchair accessible with space for wheelchairs at the end of the first 6 rows of seats. Although wheelchair users are welcome to come to the theater unaccompanied and without booking in advance, it's always a good idea make sure the show isn't sold out before coming without a ticket! There is also an easily accessible restroom.


To find out about what's on and to book tickets phone 04 686 9600/1

To learn more about hiring the venue ask to speak to the manager Yehuda Goldstein.