The Youth Scene

With no discos, clubs or pubs available in Safed there is not a lot for young people to do in the city, unless they make their own entertainment. This is partly because of religious sensibilities and partly due to the economic situation in Safed. With the nearest bowling alley in Carmiel and a mainstream cinema far away in Nahariya, young people looking for a night out have to leave Safed. Once they start to do this on a regular basis they begin to realize that there are also greater work opportunities elsewhere, and then they tend to leave Safed permanently. This becomes a vicious circle as more and more young people follow their friends and leave for the bright lights of other cities.

Motti Maimon

One young man who is determined to make a difference and change the youth emigration from Safed is Motti Maimon. Motti's family is very well known in Safed, and own many successful businesses. As well as running his own restaurant, Chima, in Har Canaan, Motti is also a well established DJ.


Starting out as a DJ at the tender age of sixteen, Motti, calling himself DJM, began working in clubs all over the north. His circuit now extends as far as Tel Aviv and Herzliya in the center of the country and Kiriyat Shmona on Israel's northern border.


Motti offers clubs a full range of music from electro-house through to hip hop via minimal and r & b. He tends not to talk too much between songs, feeling that his audience just wants music, music music, together with a good light show so they can just dance, dance, dance. His club work usually begins around 11pm and can go on late into the night until 4 in the morning. Despite having to keep such late hours as well as running his restaurant, Motti obviously enjoys his work and club goers are equally appreciative.


Motti has a separate show for events like Bar Mitzvahs and weddings where he works with percussionist and singer Ben Tznol. They offer a full wedding entertainment service and play a more eclectic mix of Jewish music, mainstream current hits as well as Israeli and American music from the 80's and 90's. He also puts on public parties and shows in Safed during the Chanukah and Purim holidays in venues such as the Red Khan.

Looking Forward

In the future Motti hopes to help to the city to grow economically making it a more attractive place for tourists and young people alike. That way he believes more young people will be encouraged to live and work in Safed

To book Motti or for further information about his DJ service telephone 052 284 3643.

Beni Levi

One of the people that might help to encourage people to stay in Safed is Motti's friend Beni Levi. Beni works as a promoter-producer promoting various popular acts around the country. Once a month, on a Saturday night, he brings one of his touring shows to the Yigal Allon Center. As the center can hold over 700 people, Beni Levi believes that by bringing his productions to Safed it encourages people from the city to stay in Safed for a night out instead of having to go elsewhere. Beni brings popular stand-up acts, comedy shows such as Prozac and other performers that appeal to young people and he is slowly building up an audience. He hopes to bring shows to Safed more frequently as the demand increases.

To contact Beni about his current acts and latest shows telephone 052 350 5590