Cafe Beit Yosef

Mehadrin, Dairy

86, Yerushalaim Street

Visit Tsfat’s newest dairy restaurant. The new Café Beit Yosef has fine dining in a unique Tsfati setting, conveniently set right off the miderechov. 

Café Beit Yosef is in a stone house surrounded by a large courtyard planted with fragrant gardens of herbs, flowers and fruit trees. From the courtyard, you can enjoy sweeping views of the mountains. Some tables sit atop upper wooden decks, offering private dining, or sit at a table in the courtyard. Inside, the quaint restaurant is decorated with oil paintings created by the café owner.

Enjoy breakfast all day at Café Beit Yosef, from 8 am to 5 pm. The Israeli-style breakfast includes tea, coffee, orange juice or lemonade, a choice of freshly baked bread with butter and jam, eggs, Israeli salad, humous, tuna, plus a variety of cheeses and olive pate. The lunch menu offers a choice of pasta, a large chef salad and a fresh salad bar.

Whether you're look for a scrumptious breakfast to start out your day, a mid-day lunch for a relaxing dinner after a day of touring, come to the Beit Yosef Cafe. Open throughout the Succot holiday with small, medium and large succas throughout the courtyard.