Galleries And Artists of Safed

In addition to its title as the city of Kabbalah, Safed is also known as a city of art. Many creative souls are attracted to and inspired by the winding, narrow, cobblestone streets of Safed's Old City, home to a bustling artists' quarter, and feel at one with their creativity in the crisp mountain air of this city in the sky. Due to the city's reputation as a haven for the creative soul, visitors from both near and afar frequently flock to the city to enjoy the showings of Safed's many artists and their galleries.

Keeping true to our goal to provide you with all of the information you will need for a visit to Safed, we at have created this extensive section on the Galleries and Artists of Safed so that you can enjoy your exploration of Safed's inspiring art scene.


In our section devoted to galleries, we provide you with the names, locations, and hours of Safed's many multi-artist galleries so that you can enjoy a day of art and culture in Safed. Some galleries worth checking out are the General Exhibition, the Dadon Gallery, the Camus Gallery, the Mikedem Gallery and the Fig Tree Courtyard.


Photography, painting, micro calligraphy, sculpture, ceramics, jewelry design, and Judaica: Safed is home to every medium of art imaginable. Here in our artists section, we provide the Safed visitor with a list of the many, many artists living and working in Safed as well as offer a brief biography of each artist, and a description of their work and/or inspiration. Contact information, as well as the address and hours of the artists' private galleries, is also available.