Museums In Safed

No trip to any city would be complete without at least one or two museum visits. A Safed trip should be no different. Take a break from strolling down the back alleys of the Old City and enjoy some of the historical museums Safed has to offer.

Beit Hameiri-Hameiri House

The Hameiri House is a historical museum that documents Jewish life in Safed from the last two hundred years. Each floor of the museum represents a different activity in the life of Jewish community of Safed and daily life activities and family dwellings have been recreated to allow visitors an authentic glimpse into the past. The museum is housed among archeological ruins and these historic sites can be viewed from within the museum. Check out our article on this must see site and find out more about this wonderful little museum.


And More

Also worth stops are the Hungarian Museum, documenting the history of Hungarian Jewry, and the Frenel Museum.  Read on to find out more.