Galleries of Safed

As Safed is home to many creative souls and artists, it is safe to assume that it is also the location of numerous art galleries that house many of the creative talents of the people of the city. Take a look at some of our top picks of galleries not to be missed in Safed and who knows, maybe you'll find yourself taking home a masterpiece from Safed.

The General Exhibition

The General Exhibition is the main gallery in Safed and houses a permanent collection as well as displays many periodic special exhibitions. For any true art lover, this gallery is a necessary stop on any trip to Safed and you will never get bored with the content thanks to the gallery's creative non-permanent exhibitions.

The Gallery

The Judith Gallery of Safed houses many prints and paintings of well known artists from throughout the country and it also functions as a café. Enjoy a stroll through the ever changing exhibits and then enjoy a cup-of-Joe while you reflect on the visual sensations you have just experienced.

Safed's Treasure Trove Of Galleries

Also learn more about the many hidden galleries of Safed like the Dadon Gallery, the Judaica Gallery, the Caanan Gallery, the Chouriqui Gallery, the Living Art Gallery, the Camus Gallery and the Fig Tree Courtyard.


For a listing of individual artists, click here.