Tzfat's Small Galleries

Anat Edri

Anat Edri is a native of Tzfat, and studied art under the guidance of Rolly Sheffer, a well-known painter in the city. The city influenced her, and although she spent many years in other parts of Israel as part of the young Israeli artist scene, when the decision came to settle down, Anat returned to Tzfat to open her studio.

Anat is one of the few artists who works in her gallery while her exhibition is open. Her gallery is one of Tzfat's most eclectic, with its mix of scenes of the Old City's streets and alleys, its portraits of religious figures (all men) of Tzfat, and here and there, a nude.

Anat's street scenes are colorful and vibrant, with a strong sense of exactly what the town is all about. She explores Tzfat's magic and spirituality in her paintings, while aiming for an authentic representation of the physical characteristics of her scene. Anat's portraits capture the personalities and characteristics of her subjects and allow the viewer to see them as sympathetic individuals that anyone would feel comfortable with.

Anat Edri's gallery is on Yosef Caro Street  in Tzfat's Old City. She can be contacted at 050-8663872.

Nina Gurevich

Nina Gurevich arrived in Israel in 1990 after having studied and exhibited her paintings in Russia for many years. Nina studied in St. Petersburg, both at Repin and Muhina, and specialized in city landscapes. Since her graduation in 1979 she has been painting urban landscapes, and her style is reminiscent of Cezanne, with a traditional clear and bright style.

Nina's paintings have been exhibited throughout the world, including Israel, Russia, Switzerland and the United States, and her works are held by collectors throughout the world.

Nina presently exhibits in her permanent exhibition on Tet Vav Street in the Artists Quarter  , in collaboration with Ilya Sorkin. She can be contacted at 972-528-846439.

Ilya Sorkin

Ilya Sorkin arrived in Israel in 1990 from Leningrad, where he was an artist of note. Sorkin studied at the illustrious Serov institute in Leningrad, and was one of several Russian artists chosen to join 33 group exhibitions in 1960, including museums and galleries in Russia, Japan, Cuba, Bulgaria, Finland, England, Switzerland, Israel and USA.

Sorkin's subject matter ranges widely, from urban landscapes to nature to paintings of objects. Whatever the subject matter that Sorkin paints, it is colorful and almost-animated, and invites the viewer to draw into the picture. Sorkin paints in oils, and his colors and hues are vibrant and full of life.

Ilya Sorkin exhibits in his permanent exhibition in conjunction with Nina Gurevich on Tet Vav Street in Tzfat's Artist Quarter. He can be contacted at [email protected]