Kayak Away!

When many people think about visiting Israel, they assume that they'll see the holy sites, the historical locations and the mix of cultures. What they don't always consider, however, is how much fun they can also have on their trip! In and around Safed, there are loads of exciting and engaging activities for the entire family - or for groups of any age range.

Enjoying the Jordan River

One of these activities is kayaking. Near Safed, along the Jordan River, there are many groups and kibbutzim that offer kayaking adventures. These adventures range from the calm, family package to the high speed, extreme-sport variety. Here, we discuss a few of the most well known options for kayaking, to help you plan a future trip to the Northern area of Israel.

Kayaking with Kibbutz Kfar Blum

Kibbutz Kfar Blum has been offering kayaking and rafting packages since 1986. Their rafting adventures take place in the Hatzbani and the Jordan River and they offer packages of all sorts. They have River Kayaking, standard route packages that consist of trips down the Jordan and Hatzbani Rivers. The length of this journey is one hour and 15 minutes and you can enjoy this adventure on either a raft boat for up to six people or a kayak for up to two people. Anyone who is at least five years of age can join, and the cost is approximately 70 shekel per person. In addition, they offer Speed Kayaking with a long route adventure. This is the longest route in the Galilee and includes both fast and calm river areas with small water falls and lovely Dolev trees. This route takes about two and a half hours and can either be done on a raft with up to six people or in a kayak for two. The age limit varies depending on the weather conditions that day, and the trip usually costs about 107 shekels a person.

Kayaking with Kibbutz HaGoshrim

Another option is to enjoy kayaking adventures with Kibbutz HaGoshrim. Their routes include a unique kayak slipway that adds to the kayaking experience. They have a family route for families with children who are five years old and over. The route is approximately four miles and takes about an hour. They also have a challenge route that takes between one and two hours. At the end of all of the kayaking adventures with Kibbutz HaGoshrim, there is a snack-bar and changing rooms to make the experience more comfortable and enjoyable.

Kayaking is certainly an exciting adventure and one that will be quite memorable as part of a trip around Israel. Enjoy kayaking in addition to a trip to Safed, and have a great time appreciating the natural landscape that Israel has to offer from this unique vantage point - boat side!