Simply Great with Simply Tsfat

There are many great bands and individual musicians who play klezmer music each year at the Safed Klezmer Festival. One of these well known bands is called "Simply Tsfat" and their music attracts people from all walks of life and of all ages.

Who Is Simply Tsfat?

Simply Tsfat is a band that includes three Breslev Chassids. Two of them are Americans and one is Israeli. Their instruments include only two guitars and one violin, and with this they make powerful and exciting Jewish music. They live in Tsfat and desire, through their music, to bring the joy of Breslev Chassidim to their listeners.

Where Have They Played?

Simply Tsfat has not only played in Israel and at the Tsfat Klezmer Festival. Their influence reaches far beyond the confines of Tsfat. They are booked throughout the year all over North America and other locales, bringing their music and their message to both Jewish groups and to non-Jewish groups who enjoy their sound. They've played in New York, Philadelphia, Montreal, Miami, San Diego, Portland, Canada, Guatemala and Costa Rica. They've entertained Jewish inmates in prison, people on skid row in Los Angles, soldiers in the Golan, and Conservative congregations. They even played for 4000 people at an Israel 2000 event at the Greek Theater in L.A.!

Who Have They Touched

Simply Tsfat's music is full of vibe and energy. Anyone can enjoy their sounds and their enthusiasm. While they certainly look the part as Breslav Chassids, they are able to touch people of all denominations and ages with their music. They play at weddings, annual dinners, day school events, nursing homes, synagogues and more. They entertain tour groups, soldiers, Hillel students, and other interested groups. Many people come to the Tsfat Klezmer Festival hoping to hear and enjoy Simply Tsfat.

The Tsfat Klezmer Festival Has It All

This is but one of the many interesting groups that come to play at the Tsfat Klezmer Festival. You never know who you'll see at the festival, or what message they will have to convey about Jewish heritage and history. The festival brings out the best in its musicians, and offers people a glimpse at the powerful music and presence of musicians like Simply Tsfat.