The Mercazi (Center) Restaurant

The Mercazi or Center Restaurant probably serves the best value meal in Safed. Located at 37 Jerusalem Street, this restaurant is an off-shoot of the Central Hotel, where the cooking is done.

A small clean restaurant, the Mercazi has room for three tables and offers an excellent take-away service. The restaurant has a friendly, helpful staff who speak some English as well as, of course, Hebrew.

The Bargain

If you are really hungry why not start with the daily soup which is available for 15shks or 10shks if you take away.

Otherwise just go straight for the real bargain that makes this meat restaurant a wonderful recent addition for locals and tourists alike. A meal for the grand price of 25hsks a plate!

While not cordon-bleu cooking, the food is hot, plentiful and tasty with choices like honey roasted chicken, roasted meat, schnitzel, or baked Moroccan fish. You are offered a selection of fish, chicken or meat, a choice of two side dishes from vegetables, rice, potatoes or pasta as well as two side salads! You really can't go wrong whatever you choose, while you wonder how they can do it for the price.

The salads come in small take-away containers in the chill cabinet and you can choose from a variety of fresh raw vegetables, pickled salads as well as cooked salads such as fried eggplant.

Bread is automatically offered and is included.

The Drinks

Only cold drinks are available and are offered at normal restaurant and bar prices.

Take Out

As well as offering individual portions, you can also buy meals by the kilo for take out. Prices are equally reasonable, 60shks a kilo for the meat and chicken portions, and 25hsks a kilo for the pasta, potatoes and rice. Salads are also available in small or large portions. Moroccan style cakes are offered for 20shks a half kilo.

For Shabbat

If you are visiting Safed for Shabbat you can choose traditional specialties such as kugel and cholent to take out. Also on offer are Sephardi Shabbat dishes you may be less familiar with, so why not try something a bit different like the couscous.


The Mercazi Restaurant also offers a catering service. Whether you are getting together with friends, having a bar / bat-mitzva, or hosting guests from out of town it's worth checking out their catering menu and prices.

Kosher Certificate:

Mehadrin Safed. All meat and chicken is glatt kosher being either B'datz or Rav Landau.


Winter: Sunday - Thursday 11am - 5/6pm.  Fridays 11am to one hour before Shabbat

Summer: Sunday - Thursday 11am - 9pm, later in the height of summer.

Major Credit Cards accepted.