Tree Of Life

If you are looking for delicious, healthy vegetarian cooking look no further than the Tree of Life in the Kikar Hameginim in the heart of the Old City. Started by Californian Feigi Pam in the summer of 2000, the Tree of Life has gone from strength to strength. With its kitchen open to the Kikar (square), you can smell the appetizing food even before you see it coming out of the oven, something that gives the restaurant a very homey feel.

Its four inside tables and three outside tables in the Kikar make it a perfect choice whether you are looking for a romantic evening for two or somewhere for a large family brunch.

The Menu: Dairy

With its emphasis on whole grains and whole wheat flour the menu is a refreshing change from the regular dairy restaurants in town. There is even individual pizza, whole wheat of course, (20shks), said to be the best in Safed, which even fussy yeshiva boys will wolf down, so anyone in your party who is not so keen on "health food" should enjoy themselves.

The Snacks

Calzones stuffed with either cheese and onion or vegetables are a great choice if you are on the go and at 22shks are real value for money. The nachos, topped with cheese and salsa are something a bit different and don't forget to say how spicy you want them on a scale of 1-10. (22shks). There is also a good choice of soups (from 18shks)

The Main Meals

The daily specials range from a variety of quiches made with a whole wheat crust served with a side salad and home made dressing through to a tasty vegetable coconut curry over brown rice (both 35shks) Why not try something a bit different like the stuffed zucchini or stuffed peppers (42shks) or if you are really hungry choose the shepherdess pie. This veggies and lentil bake topped with creamy mashed potato (42shks) will really do the trick. If you prefer something a bit lighter have the low fat cheese lasagna (45shks), served with a side salad. Don't forget to ask in advance if you need to stay away from the nightshade family in your salad, or if you require gluten or dairy free meals, as the staff will always be happy to accommodate. Tofu is also available as an added extra to many items (8shks).

The Desserts

With the individual home-made apple pies and cheesecakes (25shks), you can really spoil yourself as the chef only uses canola oil in all her baked goods and organic sugar in her cakes and pastries. There is also a great selection of oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, health bars and date and raisin cookies.

The Muffins

Popular with everyone, these giant muffins are one of the Tree of Life's signature items. With a choice of chocolate chocolate chip, banana, and apple and cinnamon to choose from, the biggest problem you'll have will be how many to order. If you are lucky you might even get them straight out of the oven when they are almost too hot to eat.

The Shakes

The health energy shake (22shks) with dates and almonds is a real treat and a nice change from fruit shakes. These are made to order from freshly frozen fruit and you can have them over juice, soy milk or regular milk (from 15shks).

Other Drinks

Regular lemonade (from 12shks), mint lemonade, iced tea or iced coffee go down well on a hot day, and of course hot tea and coffees, including decaffeinated are also available.

Hours: Summer from 9.30 am to late. Winter: normally 10.00am till 9.30pm

Kosher certificate: Mehadrin