Apart from the Klezmer Festival when Safed is bursting with music lovers everywhere, there is no venue in town that puts on regular music gigs throughout the year. However, there are plenty of musicians in Safed and when the weather is warm you can often hear people jamming together outside in the squares and courtyards of Safed.


The Ascent hostel, on Ari street, often has musical events as part of its overall program for visiting groups and these are usually open to the general public.

Avraham's Tent

Avraham's Tent is a small venue seating around 40 people which hosts a variety of music on an ad hoc basis, mainly during the summer. Located in a bomb shelter in the Artists Quarter near the Rimonim Inn Hotel, this venue gives local musicians an opportunity to play together. Musicians can also hire the venue themselves and put on their own gigs. For further information or to hire the venue contact Amram Cohen 0509 733 700

Beirav Synagogue

On Saturday nights throughout the year after Shabbat has ended, (except when not allowed halachically) you can bring your instruments and join in singing religious songs in the style of Shlomo Carlebach. The Beirav is also a venue during the Klezmer Festival.

The Canaan Gallery

On occasional Thursday evenings during the summer the Canaan Gallery presents a selection of traditional Middle Eastern and other ethnic music, including Ladino, in its licensed restaurant. They can host around 50 people and there is an admission charge. For more details contact Yair Moore 04 697 4449

The Khan Of The White Donkey

The Khan, which was a Turkish Inn in the 19th century, and is situated in the Artists Quarter, is currently being renovated for the Center for Healthy Living. Among other activities, they are planning to run musical evenings on a regular basis during the summer. With its own professional lighting and sound system, the Khan will be able to offer a range of music from classical, ethnic, and jazz, to world music. It hopes to be a venue that will attract not only local musicians but also people from all over the Galilee and the rest of the north. Able to hold up to a hundred people in an intimate atmosphere, the venue will also be available for private hire. For more details phone 054 323 9880

Maximillian Cafe

The Maximillian is planning to host regular acoustic music evenings on Thursday evenings during the summer in its courtyard.

The Red Khan

A 13th century building from the Mameluke period, the Red Khan is used as a venue during both the Classical and Klezmer Music Festivals. Holding up to 400 people, it is available for hire for community, private and public events. For more information contact [email protected].

Wolfson Community Center

The inner courtyard is a venue during the Klezmer Festival and it is also regularly used during school holidays as a venue for various youth and music events.

Yigal Allon

The Yigal Allon Cultural Center is one of the venues for the Klezmer Festival and seats over 700. During the winter it also hosts a subscription series of classical concerts and has been the main venue for the Safed Classical Music Festival and its series of Master Classes for the last four summers.

The parking area outside is also used as a venue during the Klezmer Festival.

What's On Now ?

For information about what's on: contact individual venues, look at posters and banners around town or check elsewhere on our website.